My favorite blog posts of 2018

It’s the time of year for “best of” lists, which can also be called “lists of stuff other people thought was cool but Bill didn’t watch/read/listen to,” although “Killing Eve” was an exception.

Soon, I’ll get my friend Bob’s annual Christmas card, which chronicles his family’s year in a hilarious manner. It’s truly a highlight of the season.

I’m not nearly as funny as Bob, and I would never list what posts of mine I thought were the best — I both wrote them and tend to like my writing less and less the more I read it — but looking back at 2018 so far, I can say what ones I enjoyed writing the most.


London Travels: New adventures in “our” London — My wife and I took our third trip to London this year, and while we did some of our old favorites, there were also new sights and sounds.


Edinburgh Excursions: Walking a Royal Mile — As we learned from Dublin a few years ago, the city we go to after London can suffer in comparison. Edinburgh, however, was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The best thing I read on Valentine’s Day — I saw a piece by Rebecca Traister that was so amazing, I’ll probably be sharing it on Valentine’s Day from now until the end of time. Yes, you can learn to make the gnocchi.


Close to your heart, and far away — Writing about your alma mater being on lockdown after receiving a threat wasn’t enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination, but it was emotional. Better yet, the guy who did it was convicted.

“Beauty” tips for regular people — You may not be able to look like Sharon Stone at 59, but you can look like me at 46.


Sara Bareilles is really good (Why did it take me so long?) — Seriously, why did it?

Family issues over lunch — I really hope they got this sorted out, or Thanksgiving could have been really awkward.


New York, New York: What a day — New York is an amazing city, and our first day there was perfection.

Mount Holyoke husband — When I go to my wife’s college reunion, I’m basically along for the ride, and that’s OK by me.

I don’t think I can handle this ‘sir’ stuff — However, I did get a case of the olds at the reunion.

Birthdays and baseball — For a change, I decided I wanted to do something fun on my birthday.


Relationship status — traveling — What if the places you visit were like people you’ve dated? (H/t Rosie Culture for the inspiration)


I decided to write something every day during the month, and while it was mentally draining at times to come up with topics, it also led to a bunch of really fun stuff.

England game, English life — I watched an England World Cup game with one of my closest friends … an Englishman. Fun ensued.

England game, American fans — Two Americans figure out how to watch England’s next World Cup game on a workday.

A fun night at the movies — I wouldn’t have imagined it, but I really liked “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”

I never imagined that I’d see “Moulin Rouge” — Speaking of unexpected enjoyment …

The greatest story I’ve ever told — On our anniversary, I shared the story of how I met my wife. It still kills.


Farewell to the old car, hello to the new one — We had to replace a car. I found it oddly emotional.

Things I learned in college, but not in class — When a friend of mine from high school originally said we weren’t going to room together in college, or hang out much right away, I was a little irked. As it turned out, it was one of the best things that could have happened.

What app keeps you from saying something dumb? — Dating makes people say stupid things.


I got to see Sugarland — Right there … on stage … in front of me … my favorite band.

Finally, Chicago: It’s great to be a baseball fan — Our entire trip to Chicago was amazing, including seeing a game at Wrigley Field.

So this is Madison: Sometimes you have to be 6 — The day started with getting kicked out of a Wisconsin football practice and ended with riding down a water slide. This is what you call “living my best life.”


Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. — The answer is still no, but what am I talking about?

Various, random stuff about … me — Everything you ever wanted to know that you didn’t know you wanted to know.

Something new on the sports menu — I went to my first Major League Soccer game. I am interested in a second.


Ten words on a billboard outside a mall — I have seen our culture, and it is this.

And now, a few words on … toilet paper — But not just toilet paper! Also, farting as a strategic weapon.

Thanksgiving dinner, revolutionized — Thank my co-workers and me later.

All hail the mighty trombone! — Trombones rule. They just do. Don’t argue with me.

What I love about “Love Actually” — I get the criticism. I really do. But still, there are two types of people in this world, the ones who think “Love Actually” is awesome and the ones who are wrong.

December (so far)

You’ve got to be s—-ing me — I have many questions about the concept of our toilets being able to diagnose our health based on our poop.

A taste of London outside Boston — We’re an ocean away from London (sigh), but we still get to enjoy London theater.

So there you have it.

I have to say, this writing thing is kind of fun.

I think I’ll keep doing it.


2 thoughts on “My favorite blog posts of 2018

  1. Could this be…cheating? 🤔

    You know I had to get you back haha.

    Also, Sara Bareilles is a freaking goddess. “The Blessed Unrest” is my favorite album of all time, and my friend and I dropped everything to go to NYC when she was there performing in “Waitress.” She’s amazing.


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