Where were all the people at the mall?

Last month, my wife bought a dongle from the Apple store at the nearby mall for a presentation she was going to be giving.

But as it turned out, she didn’t make the presentation, meaning she wanted to return the dongle … which required going back to the mall …

… to the Apple store.

… on a Saturday.

… in December.

Of course, it was going to suck.

Saturday night at the mall during the Christmas season could turn even people who have the spirit of the season flowing through their veins into wannabe Grinches.

If the distant parking — after circling the parking lot numerous times looking for a spot — doesn’t get you, the people will.

On a good day, it will merely be a mob scene. On a bad, that mob will include cranky, impatient people who will run you over and stomp on your head if you’re between them and whatever they desire.

So that’s what we were anticipating.

And it’s the exact opposite of what happened.

My wife, fully expecting to park in the back of the parking lot, found a convenient space, and in the first lot she looked.

Inside, it didn’t seem any more crowded than an average night in May. It actually seemed busier when we went last month, even in the Apple store, which seems overrun in the best of circumstances.

But as odd as that was, it wasn’t even the most-interesting part of the trip.

Our dude got his pants sorted!

If you remember the tale of our previous trip to the mall (or need to catch up, here you go), you’ll recall there was a mannequin at Nordstrom in a rather unfortunate situation, with its pants taking up residence mid-thigh.

We weren’t sure if someone had pantsed it or if the life-size Ken doll (although Ken has a face) was sufficiently … ahem, put together … to have required a larger pair of pants.

But I’m happy to report that everything appears hunky-dory now.

Maybe it’s an early Christmas miracle.

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4 thoughts on “Where were all the people at the mall?

  1. Lesly Federici

    Hey Bill,
    Great to be visiting again! I really dislike crowds so we do all our shopping online … it gets crazy during the holidays for sure!


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