And snow it begins

We’re getting a snowstorm tonight and into tomorrow morning.

It’s apparently already causing problems on its way to Massachusetts.



It’s not even just that I hate snow, although I do.

It’s not even just that I hate winter weather in general, although I do.

I hate now that for the next five or six months, everything I do that involves leaving the house — from my wife’s and my daily commutes to traveling at Christmas (the picture immediately above is Christmas morning in Williamstown last year) — has to be viewed from the lens of “What’s the weather going to be?”

And, yes, I have lived in the Northeast all of my 46 years, and none of this should be a surprise and I shouldn’t hate it as much as I do. I. Do. Not. Care.

The good news is that the snowblower did start when I tested it yesterday.

It’s also supposed to be a warmer the next few days, so hopefully it’ll melt.

But even if it does, we’ve been warned.

Winter is on its way.

3 thoughts on “And snow it begins

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