Golfing in November

My father-in-law and I went golfing today.

The weather seemed kind of sketchy — in the 40s and windy — but it wasn’t raining, and the sun was coming out in spots.

So we gave it a go.

We know from previous years that people can golf until the course pulls up the tee boxes and flags, which could be as late as Thanksgiving weekend.

Sure enough, the carts were put away and the pull carts were locked up, but there wasn’t anything that said we couldn’t go out.

Better yet, the office was closed, so we didn’t even have to pay.

However, we only played three holes. The cold and wind weren’t the problem, but the course was also really wet from rain yesterday.

Oh well, no great loss. We gave it a shot, and it didn’t quite work out.

Over the summer, I started playing pickleball with a group at a nearby tennis court.

It was free, and there were always a lot of people there, usually more than 20.

The town has a paid indoor program that starts in October, but the first Saturday morning, I went to the courts, thinking there might be people there who weren’t part of the indoor program.

There were, and plenty of them. One woman I talked to said she’d keep coming until she had to wear gloves.

Personally, I’m willing to keep going until it snows, and even then, if it’s not too cold or windy …. (Earlier in the summer, there were a few of us who had to practically be dragged off the court in a downpour.)

Be it golf, pickleball or something else, it’s about trying to get in as much as you can while there’s still the chance.

It’s all going to end soon enough, and unless you ski or snowboard, there won’t be many outdoor activities until next spring, which in Massachusetts starts around June 1.

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