Difficult choices

I read an interesting column by Jeff Gauger from the Shreveport Times this morning.

The premise was having a series of choices, where you go to keep one, but had to forfeit the other one forever.

As he wrote, “That’s f-o-r-e-v-e-r.”

Quite a few of them were easy answers.

Mountains are nice, but beaches are better.

I’m getting better about going to movies, but books will always win out. And I don’t read fiction, so the obvious choice is non-fiction.

Mozart is Mozart, but give me Taylor Swift.

I have no interest in comic-book character movies, so romantic comedies are the easy call.

Not all of them were applicable. Coffee versus wine is a big neither, since I don’t drink either and have no desire to.

I don’t live in Louisiana, so the New Orleans Saints or LSU Tigers is lost on me, but if you asked me Syracuse men’s basketball versus Liverpool, I may ask you for the next question. (The New York Yankees are unassailable.)

But those, relatively speaking, are superficial. I love Taylor Swift’s music, but if I could never listen to her again, I wouldn’t like it, but life would go on.

But the column also includes some decisions on things that truly matter.

Because, remember, what you don’t choose, you lose … f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Time alone or party time — I’m not antisocial, but there are times I just want to be by myself (or at least alone with my wife). Assuming that time alone meant I wouldn’t also lose my wife, I’m not sure which I’d choose.

Wedding anniversaries or Valentine’s Day — This may have been the last easy one. Bye, Valentine’s.

One guaranteed success or unlimited second chances — This should be easy, guaranteed success, right? But what if that guaranteed success is something you hate? Because remember, if you choose success, you don’t get any other chances.

Job success or family success — Family success is a pretty easy choice, but it comes with the understanding that means the place were I spend 40 hours a week, the way I make money, may not be a success.

A mega-big lottery win or guaranteed happiness — Does money buy happiness? That may decide how you’d answer this one.

More money or more time — Do you think you have enough of either, neither, both? What do you want?

What do you value?

Click on the link to the column, pick out the ones that interest you and leave your answers in the comments!









9 thoughts on “Difficult choices

  1. The success vs second chances got me thinking. I think I’d go for second chances because it depends on how you define success! What about if a second chance enabled you to reach an outcome that you consider to be a success? All thought provoking stuff.


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