Trying to get it before it’s gone

My wife and I went to the local arboretum today.

Along with the random people like us who were just taking a walk, we saw a family having photos taken — the two small children were only mildly cooperative.

A jogger pushed her stroller faster than I could probably run unencumbered.

And there were lots and lots of dogs.


It was probably a good idea to get out today, as it was sunny and roughly 60 degrees. Granted, it was 80 earlier in the week, but yesterday morning it was 40 and spitting rain.


Nice days at the start of spring are a tease — since it seems like for months it’s one good day, two bad weeks — but with patience, things to do get better, even if most years it seems like we have to wait until my birthday at the end of may.

Pleasant days in mid-October, though, feel like a possible last gasp. Sure, winter weather probably won’t start tomorrow, but you never know.

So get your dogs, your strollers or just your light jackets, because there aren’t many chances left.



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