Finally, Chicago: Worth the wait

“You’re not coming back to Mass are you?”

My mate Gardner asked me that on Facebook after seeing the photos I took at the Chicago Sports Museum, but yes, barring anything unexpected, my wife and I will be back home in Massachusetts Saturday.

Our house, cat, families and jobs are there, so we’re not going to pick up stakes and start over in Chicago, but I did give him the cheap answer that it’s “my kind of town.”

E1E7C2C7-AE33-4346-B0BE-CEC34694F8ADA couple months ago, when I was writing about vacation spots like they were personal relationships, I wrote, “Chicago is the one that everyone says is great, and you should really get together with, but you just haven’t been able to make the connection yet.”

So now that we’ve made the connection, would I want a second date?

I sure would.

24372CD3-9C3F-4426-BA83-9E03477CD980After all, what’s not to like?

It’s a great sports town — I’ll have to get here during hockey season sometime — with great food and great architecture and great culture.

I’ve had a lot of fun, and who wouldn’t want more fun? Plus it’s only a few hours away by plane.

I’m not sure how I’d feel about the winters, but the weather has been mostly glorious.

6E78A6A0-C431-4371-9599-E14E1AE819CANow it’s on to Madison, Wisconsin, so I can see where my wife went to graduate school. I’ve never been there, either, so I’m looking forward to the place I’ve heard her talk about for years.

In case you missed my other posts from Chicago, here they are.

Chicago is no longer the “almost vacation.”

Deep-dish or thin-crust pizza? Yes, please.

A great day at Wrigley Field is why you become a baseball fan in the first place.

An Italian restaurant with wait staff in soccer jerseys is a cool way to end the day.

We took a trip out of downtown. It was … quiet.

Hotel breakfasts and clean rooms don’t just happen by themselves, and the people responsible are on strike.






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