Finally, Chicago: Just eat the pizza

Being in Chicago puts me on one of the two poles in a great American culture war.

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza versus New York-style thin crust.

Being from the East Coast, most of my pizza is of the thin-crust variety — yes, they eat it in Massachusetts, despite the New York connection.

I enjoy Uno’s — had it for dinner before seeing Sugarland, in fact — but I’m going to guess that aficionados think Uno’s (at the franchisees around the country, anyway) are to deep-dish pizza what Olive Garden is to Italian food … kind of faux.

img_3436In order to properly weigh in, I knew I had to get authentic Chicago deep-dish from an authentic Chicago restaurant.

So Giordano’s it was, and it was really good. And it caused me to decide where I come down on the great deep-dish versus thin-crust debate …

… yes.

Yes, just give me pizza. Make the crust thick with layers inside. Make it thin with cheese, sauce and toppings right on top. I don’t care. They’re very different, but they both taste great.

And then there’s my wife, who said her favorite kind of pizza comes from Hartford and you cut it into squares. Another important ingredient … enough grease to lube your car, or your insides.

RIP, Pizza West. You are missed.


5 thoughts on “Finally, Chicago: Just eat the pizza

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