Almost a clean getaway

I believe in jinxes.

Even when I know they’re not actually true — Jake Odorizzi was or wasn’t going to throw a no-hitter against the Yankees the other night regardless of what I said or didn’t say — I still respect them, and still honor them.

One of the enduring jinxes that I absolutely do believe is that the last week before any vacation is cursed.

And I’m not the only person who believes that. I mention it to other people, and their reaction is basically that of course it’s true, like I was saying Tuesday comes after Monday.

But this week went shockingly smoothly. It didn’t get off to a great start Monday, but I got that sorted out, and then aside from a minor kerfuffle or two, things weren’t too bad.

I got into a situation this morning with a co-worker who is as argumentative and convinced of his own eternal rightness as I am (yes, that person exists), but I felt the argument coming on and sidestepped it.

So once I got my work done, all I had to do what shut off my computer, pack it up and turn my thoughts toward my Chicago bound flight tomorrow …

… and then this.


No, no, no, no, no … this was not going to happen. I have seen this before.

I don’t know what exactly my computer does when it updates, but I do know if there are multiple updates and a spinning wheel, it’s going to be a while.

And I had no mood to wait for a while.

So I shut it off (trust me, it wasn’t going to hurt the thing), packed it up and went home. I figured I’d turn it back on just to turn it off so it could do whatever it was going to do.

Roughly 20 minutes later when I got home, I pulled out the computer, opened it up to turn it on … and it was still running, like some kind of zombie update.

That was not quite an hour ago. It’s still on update 1 of 3. I’m not sure if it will be done by the time I’m back from Chicago a week from tomorrow.

However, that’s not really a week-altering catastrophe, unless the “update” for some reason winds up introducing me to some of the finest malware Russia has to offer.

So what about the jinx? Does this mean I haven’t sufficiently earned my time off, that getting to the airport will be a mess, that something unecessarily dramatic will happen, that we will actually have a lame rental car or my bags will wind up somewhere that’s not Chicago?

Whatever you think it is, or if you think everything is going to be fine and there’s no need to worry, don’t say anything.

Wouldn’t want to jinx it.

P.S. As a Yankees fan, I know hits by Greg Bird are like seeing a unicorn these days, but don’t blame me, Twins fans. I didn’t say there was a no-hitter in process even though it was against my team. Blame the announcers.

11 thoughts on “Almost a clean getaway

  1. lifeofagamerswife17

    When it comes to baseball, I believe in all the jinxes!! For example, last month we were at a Braves game and they were having a beautiful no hitter going on and it was the last inning… guy next to me tells his wife, “we have a no hitter, but you’re not suppose to talk about it”. What happened? Yep, you guessed it! And I still blame this guy! And if you know you’re not suppose to talk about it, why talk about it??


      1. lifeofagamerswife17

        It is isn’t it! I told my husband he must have been planted there by the other team in case a jinx was needed, haha.


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