I never imagined that I’d see “Moulin Rouge”

My wife pointed out this morning that this year, we’ve seen:

— “Les Miserables” and “Hamilton” in London.

— “My Fair Lady” in New York.

— “Moulin Rouge” last night in Boston.

That’s a pretty good seven months of theater … which once upon a time I would have never done.


Until she saw the “Les Mis” movie, my wife’s theater interest from when she was growing up had been dormant.

As for mine, it had never existed. About the only plays I ever went to were the ones my high school put on, and that’s because my friends or my brother were in them.

I never went to a lot of movies, either, or concerts. I basically just stayed a home and watched sports. I probably wouldn’t have watched anything on Amazon Prime or Netflix, either.

So yeah, the past nearly 18 years (16 of them married) have been quite a revelation. I’m seeing things I never would have imagined — four Killian Donnelly shows alone — and I really enjoy it.

I’ll never be hard-core into theater, but I certainly like being entertained.


As for “Moulin Rouge,” I had never seen the movie, yet here I was, when my wife sent me a text that it was coming to Boston and she wanted to see it, but didn’t know when, I replied that we did have an anniversary coming up.

That was last night, and oh my God, what a show. Imagine mashing the gas pedal of your car to the floor, and barely lifting for the better part of three hours — and not down an open highway, but on the streets near your house.

That was the kind of thrill ride “Moulin Rouge” was — a whirling dervish of singing, dancing and color from the first scene.

And the newly refurbished Emerson Colonial Theatre looks amazing.

“Moulin Rouge” is running the Colonial in anticipation of moving to Broadway, as the theater tries to re-establish itself as a launching pad.

That would be pretty cool if it happened, because as much as I love New York CityI only get there once a year.


12 thoughts on “I never imagined that I’d see “Moulin Rouge”

  1. mphadventuregirl

    My big year in theater was 2015, consisting of three ways and four shows:

    Music Man (Gardner Webb University)- so college production

    Pippin (United States Tour)- when mom got tickets for the two of us, there was one day left for the two of us together. So this one was a very close call for both of us.

    Les Mis (West End)- So I saw one show at college, one show on tour, and with Les Mis, the West End. It was my dream to see Les Mis in London. It was my dream since 2013- really did not know when that did happen; but was able to happen this year. My mom and I sat in the 9th row; she wanted to get the best seats possible since it was my dream.

    Sound of Music (United States Tour)- I thought after Les Mis, it was the end. Then mom connected me at college saying she was taking my sister and I to see Sound of Music.

    So 2015 consisted of four different musicals: love each of them: two of them never really experienced- Pippin and Music Man. Sound of Music and Les Mis on the other hand had loads of experience with- this would be my first time seeing Sound of Music on stage; but I grew up with the movie. Les Mis- seen the movie; seen the stage show 3 times and already had an amazing knowledge of the show.

    Now its 2018: will be another four musical year as well.

    Seen three musicals so far at Central Piedmont Community College: Oklahoma, Grease, and Newsies. In September, I am seeing Lion King on tour. Touring productions are my main way of seeing professional productions- after all I live in North Carolina- good thing I live in Charlotte: a popular touring stop destination


      1. mphadventuregirl

        Similar thing happened. Saw the theater: I was like is this really happening. Even buying the playbill and seeing the set and realizing I was sitting about 9 rows back. It really did not feel not reality- then after hearing the first note from the orchestra I knew this dream was actually becoming a reality. That one note even told me it was going was going to more than expected.

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