Appreciating the local Kmart

If you see any news about Kmart these days, it’s probably for one reason.

Filling out ex-Kmart site: Planet Fitness to open in July

Goleta Kmart Closing in October, Paving Way For Target Store

Elko’s Kmart to close

Etc. … etc.


Kmart having troubles isn’t exactly new. The company first declared bankruptcy in 2002, and things don’t seem to have improved much since it merged with Sears.

Kmart mostly seems like an anachronism these days, and not just because of the internet, but because it seems like every town has a Walmart, a Target or both.

But what if a town doesn’t?


We have plenty of the other shopping totems of suburbia where we live — Trader Joe’s, Staples and the like — but I’m not entirely sure where the nearest Walmart is. There’s a Target  20 minutes or so away.

But there’s a Kmart right down the street from my house. It seems kind of dated inside — although how much of that is subconsciously knowing it’s dated? — and its parking lot is way too large for the standalone store it is, so it swallows up even a decent amount of cars.

However, it’s there. And more importantly, it has everything.

Well … not everything. My wife said she once heard a customer complain it didn’t have pool salt.

Everything else, though … there’s a pretty good chance. We were there today because it was the most-convenient place to pick up dish soap on our way home from lunch.

Before we went to London earlier this year, I needed underwear and another pair of jeans, and I hate traveling out of my way to shop, so Kmart it was.

I don’t know if “convenient place to get random stuff when there are no other options” is a recipe for surviving, much less thriving, but I’m going to appreciate our local Kmart as long as we have it.


4 thoughts on “Appreciating the local Kmart

  1. It’s always good to have a store you can peruse… like it or not .. sometimes I’m amazed at some of the products promoted in Kmart and Walmart … I’m a majoe Amazon junkie … 🙂


  2. I only go a couple times a year, but I’d sure miss it if it weren’t there. Don’t do Walmart or Target. Give me KMart. Everything is there and nostalgia is not a bad thing. Great post.


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