Going places, even if it’s just a photo

According to Facebook, a framed art photo from Ottawa hanging over my home work desk that I took last July was my most-popular photo last year.

Not the one I would have predicted, and with 14 “likes,” it didn’t exactly go viral. In fact, I’ve already had a couple pictures this year do better.

People generally seem to like my travel photos and the stuff I write about traveling. I guess if you can’t get away on your own, a vicarious getaway is the next best thing.

In honor of the picture, here’s what I wrote about my trip to Canada last year.

“Watching the boats (and people)”

“Respect, not rivalry”

“Scratching my Montreal itch”

”From English to French and back again”

”An uneducated American on Canadian culture”

The desk has also made some appearances.

“Make sure not to ‘work’ at home”

“New life for an old desk”



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