Our little visitors

Living in a fairly rural area, on top of a hill, with woods behind the house means we get a lot of visitors of the four-legged variety.

One day, I was going to my car in the morning and thought a loose dog was running across the street. It was actually a fox.

Last week, a hedgehog/woodchuck/gopher (I don’t really know the difference, and don’t care to look it up) was trundling around our lawn; those suckers are surprisingly fast when you get near them.

I’ve even seen a couple deer out my back window, but fortunately, no bears yet.

But the most-frequent visitors, other than the squirrels or chipmunks (see previous note on neither knowing the difference or caring) are rabbits.

Last year, they started coming around so often that we just started calling them Bunny.

This year, however, Bunny was slow to come around. We weren’t sure what happened, but they eventually returned. They especially like to come when I haven’t mowed my lawn all that recently.

Recent days have included a baby bunny chomping away on our lawn — always in the same area, always around dinner time. It got the nickname Baby Bun.

Then, tonight … there were two babies! Baby Buns! We watched, they munched.

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