Back to work

Here is a partial list of what my wife and I did over the weekend:

— Went to the gym.

— Played pickleball (me, although we cut it short yesterday because of the heat).

— Watched TV (mostly me watching sports).

— Reading (mostly my wife).

— Went to Five Guys for dinner. (My wife decided she wanted a burger and milkshake, and I’ll never argue against that.)

— Sat in the air conditioning.

And that was about it.

We’ve had stuff on our plate a lot of weekends for the last couple months. Most all of it was enjoyable, and too many with nothing going on feels like a waste of time, but it was nice to have nothing on our plate for a change.

And now it’s back to work. My wife has a short week, while I’ll be busier than normal because I’m helping cover vacations.

At least the air conditioning in my office — which I believe is set to “20 degrees below outside” as soon as the temperature clears freezing — will have a purpose.

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