Happy Canada Day!

In honor of today’s Canada Day — we were in Montreal and Ottawa right before last year’s 150th anniversary of confederation — here are some photo highlights of my trips to those cities, as well as Toronto, Quebec City and Vancouver.

I stayed in a hotel across the street from Maple Leaf Gardens. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an open door, and I tried.
It wasn’t the Maple Leafs or Air Canada Centre, but it was a hockey game in Toronto.
Old Montreal was a highlight of our visit last year.
There are statues of some pretty good players outside Bell Centre.
Fortunately, the people we encountered in Quebec City spoke better English than I do French.
I haven’t seen much of the current version, but when Peter Mansbridge was anchoring “The National,” I wanted to tell all the U.S. networks, “Watch this. Do it this way.”
It was a just a walk around Parliament Hill in Ottawa after dark, and it was wonderful.
Best road sign ever.
If I lived in Vancouver, I might ride my bike in Stanley Park every day.
Whistler is a beautiful place, and the ride there isn’t bad, either.

Here’s to another 149 years!

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