Relationship status — traveling

A post on Rosie Culture uses an interesting term to describe not lingering so long on past travels that it keeps you from living in the here and now — “breaking up” with where you’ve been.

“I’ve said goodbye, for now, and visit the happy memories every once in a while. But I won’t spend time yearning for something that once was.”

But what if we looked at our travels like they were dates? What would that look like? (I should say these are my own opinions from my own trips. Your mileage may vary.)

Dublin had its charms, but a few days were enough.

Dublin would be the date where you had a good time, you liked it, it liked you … but while you’d be OK with seeing each other if you happened to meet up somewhere, nobody’s really looking for a second date.

It’s like most of the dates seem to be in the The Boston Globe’s “Dinner With Cupid.”

My wife and I spent a few days there at the tail end of a vacation to London, and Trinity College, St. Stephen’s Green and the art museum were all enjoyable, but it felt like we had seen all there was to see while we were there, especially since we weren’t staying long and didn’t have a car to see more of Ireland.

(Speaking of cars, a favorite Ireland story … we got to Dublin by taking a train from London to Wales, and then a ferry from Wales to Dublin. The cab driver taking us to our hotel was listening to what seemed to be a public radio station of some sort, and it was giving the traffic report … for the entire country. I believe a cow was blocking traffic somewhere, and that’s not a joke.)

The weather wasn’t spectacular, and maybe we thought Dublin was a comedown after London, but we went to Edinburgh after leaving London this February and loved it.

Chinatown in San Francisco was cool. It was certainly different.

San Francisco is the one you realize afterward that maybe you didn’t give a fair chance.

Fisherman’s Wharf, cool. Chinatown, neat. Stanford (and the trip to it), great scenery.  AT&T Park for Giants-Dodgers, awesome. Cruising to the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz and riding on a cable car, who wouldn’t like that?

We got tasty chocolates at the Ghirardelli factory.

We hooked up with friends of mine from high school, and saw Samantha Barks in “Amelie” at Berkeley Rep.

So why don’t we think more fondly of it?

We were staying out in Berkeley, and didn’t rent a car (other than for our trip out to Stanford) because we figured everything, including the train to take into San Francisco, would be close enough to walk.

It’s what we do on most of our trips if we can, but this time, it didn’t work out. My wife’s judgment in this regard is normally impeccable, but for whatever reason, everything seemed to be a lot farther than she anticipated. It had never happened before, and it hasn’t happened since.

OK, that’ll happen sometimes, but the other thing that happened was that I spent most of the trip in pain. Walking long distances will sometimes give me blisters on my toes, but even worse was that I started having heel pain (until I wore shoes with heels to “Amelie” without pain, making me realize it was probably my sneakers) and adjusting for it was causing me hip and back pain.

And then I hurt a muscle in my leg trying to get off a bus quickly.

So yeah, I think San Francisco may deserve another shot sometime — but with a rental car.

The Mother Church

Nashville was the fling. It was never going to last long, and you may never see each other again, but man, was it fun.

You will always smile when you think of Nashville.

Sunset over Parliament Hill was the most-amazing thing… other than the 20 other most-amazing things we saw in Ottawa.

Ottawa was when you get out of the car — in our case, a cab — fix your eyes on your date and realize it’s love at first sight.

For the few days we were in Ottawa, I’m not sure we walked more than a mile, maybe a mile-and-a-half, from our hotel, and it didn’t matter.

Everything was so beautiful, and so fun.

Asheville … a long drive, and absolutely worth it.

Asheville, North Carolina, is the one you date on and off, and you never lose that phone number, because you know the spark could rekindle at any time.

Asheville isn’t really near anything, aside from maybe the Tennessee border, so it’s a haul getting there.

But it’s cool, it’s funky. There’s good barbecue. The scenery is hard to beat. If there’s such a thing as an oasis in the mountains, Asheville is it.

Spring has finally arrived.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is the one you’ve always liked, who has always liked you, never turned into anything long-term, but when the time is right — nothing to do on a Saturday night or spring finally arriving in New England — you get together, have a good time and go your separate ways until the next time.

Maybe September?

Chicago is the one that everyone says is great, and you should really get together with, but you just haven’t been able to make the connection yet.


London is the one … the one you always go back to … the one you always want to be with … the one you never get over.

Sigh (It’s actually Santa Monica, but close enough.)

So is Los Angeles.

Sigh. “The greatest city in the world” isn’t just a line from “Hamilton” … although it is a line from “Hamilton.”

So is New York City.

A friend of mine was writing on Twitter last night about NaNoWriMo, and even though it isn’t until November (and I’ll never write a novel), I decided I’d try to post something here each day for the next month or so. I’ll probably fail miserably, but let’s see how it goes.


15 thoughts on “Relationship status — traveling

  1. Annette

    Creative post – love it! I hear you on the sore feet thing…I also get a sore back from carrying bags (ridiculous!) so have to plan my days of sight seeing carefully!


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