Can I interest you in news about corgis?

Of course I can!

“They have short legs, fluffy butts and were off to the races in the Southern California nationals that took place at the Santa Anita race track.”

This, from a story by ABC7 in Los Angeles about the inaugural Southern California nationals at Santa Anita racetrack. Yes, racing corgis. (If you watch the video for the linked story, ignore that the male anchor looks like he wants to hide somewhere.)

My wife learned about the racing corgis, but that’s not all she found.

There’s a So Cal Corgi Nation — because everyone has a nation — who put on the event.

They have beach days for corgis. The next one is June 23 in Huntington Beach, featuring “corgi meet-and-greets, doggie limbo contests, photo ops, vendors, food trucks, giveaways, corgi costumes, talent contests, and MORE!”

They have merch.

It’s good for at least a chuckle, but they support a corgi rescue organization, and let’s face it … corgis are really cute.

I just wonder … did anyone see if Queen Elizabeth II was hanging out by the rail at Santa Anita? After all, she just lost her last royal corgi.


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