The noise mostly stops for a moment

Sasha’s in the window I just opened because it’s warm outside.

I’m sitting on the couch.I haven’t turned on the TV; I’m just sitting here reading and writing. The only noise is the wind blowing and critters making critter noises outside.

No dog-walkers right now, and no one is driving down my street, but very so often, I can hear a car in the distance. I think I just heard a siren.

It’s weird for things to be this quiet.

It won’t last forever. I’ll probably turn on the news or look for a ballgame, and I’ll check my work email on my phone.

Plus I don’t want it to last forever, because that means my wife’s not home from work yet. The good news is she’s not working late, so she’ll probably be home regular time.

Later, we’ll probably go to the gym, unless she suggests going for a walk because it’s so nice out.

We’ll talk about our days and eat steak for dinner. Maybe we’ll watch British people baking or Rick Steves traveling through Europe. After that, maybe news, maybe a ballgame. I think the Yankees are on at 8. (Note: I checked later. It’s 7.)

But right now, it’s oddly quiet. I’m really not used to it.


5 thoughts on “The noise mostly stops for a moment

  1. Johanna Galyen, Christian Life Coach at Glowing Still

    With having 4 children in the home, I don’t get to experience those quiet moments very often. But when they come, I love them. The house is so different, the atmosphere is peaceful, and I feel the life beginning to return to me. ~ Johanna


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