Dreaming of sweet airplane dreams

Ever since I first saw them while boarding a British Airways jet five years ago, I have wanted to someday fly in a seat that doubles as a bed.

Granted, they seemed kind of small for someone who’s 5’10” like I am, but trying to sleep in one of them seems a lot more comfortable than trying to do it in a seat. Continue reading “Dreaming of sweet airplane dreams”

How do you keep yourself sane?

Before you read the next paragraph, keep in mind that it’s the first few sentences of an article by Hans Rosling — actually a posthumous book excerpt, he died last year — that’s going to tell you how everything isn’t as bad as people may think. Continue reading “How do you keep yourself sane?”

Who is that at my door?

One summer morning years ago, I was in the back of my parents’ house when I heard a knock at the door.

I ran to the front of the house, where one of my friends was standing outside. She was making a house call, but it wasn’t a social call.

Instead, she and the young man she was with were there to tell me about the virtues of being a Jehovah’s Witness.

Well, he was, anyway. As soon as she realized it was me, she looked like she wanted to get away as soon as possible. Continue reading “Who is that at my door?”

To serve and protect (including from Yankees fans)

“Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends …”

The latest episode in the never-ending series “Ways the Yankees Drive Red Sox Fans Crazy” comes to us from Athol, Massachusetts, about 80 miles west of Boston, where the police chief has banned Yankee clothing in the police station, a ban that will be “strictly enforced.”

Continue reading “To serve and protect (including from Yankees fans)”

Why I hope Sports Illustrated survives

When I was a kid, I found a bunch of old issues of Sports Illustrated at my grandparents’ house.

I’m not sure why they had them — they were my father’s parents, and the sports fandom has mostly been on my mother’s side of the family — and the magazines were old enough in the early 1980s that I’m pretty sure there was an article on the World Football League.

But no matter. I could read about sports, and probably the only thing I enjoyed more than reading about sports was playing sports.

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Sara Bareilles is really good (Why did it take me so long?)

I don’t remember whether it was a baseball game, Twitter or a wrestling video on my iPad that had me only half-watching the start of “Jesus Christ Superstar” the other night, but every time I heard Sara Bareilles, it cut through the distraction. Continue reading “Sara Bareilles is really good (Why did it take me so long?)”