Family issues over lunch

The scene at the Portsmouth Gas Light was reminiscent of the rap battles between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in “Hamilton” …

… except that it was in a restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire …

… and they weren’t rapping.

The point of contention wasn’t whether the central government would assume state debts or if the United States should aid France in wartime, but, based on what we could hear, whether the mother at the next table had left her son in the car while shopping.

He insisted that she had, which she passionately denied.

It wasn’t the most-interesting thing we ever overheard at a restaurant — it’ll take a lot to surpass the young man on a blind date in London who told the woman he was dining with, “We probably wouldn’t even be on this date if it weren’t for your meddling friend.”

No one else at the table — I’m guessing his father, his wife and their two little kids — intervened, so the question of whether Mom left her son in the car appeared to be unresolved.

Maybe it will have to wait for another day, a day when more people are around to weigh in one way or another.

Maybe Thanksgiving.

Pass the turkey.


Last weekend’s trip to Cambridge aside, Portsmouth is our annual spring-is-here getaway trip. We’ve also done a couple Christmas Eves there over the years, too.

Most years, we start just over the border in Kittery, Maine (the Portsmouth Navy Yard is actually in Kittery),but with no outlet shopping to do this year we decided to skip it.

There’s no particular reason for it, other than it’s pretty close, and it’s a nice city to walk around in.


It’s New Hampshire, so of course there were two Bitcoin businesses within a couple hundred yards of each other.


I’m not sure I ever had gelato before. It’s yummy.


As we walked around, my wife said multiple times that it seemed like there were more stores downtown, and she may have been right, since the RiverRun Bookstore moved to a smaller spot off downtown, reportedly due to higher rents in a booming area.


However, RiverRun will still take your used books and manual typewriters.


13 thoughts on “Family issues over lunch

  1. Interesting tour! Roaming around in towns can yield surprising curiosities. Used book stores are great. You can find some very interesting and old books. I had a typewriter like that once … thanks for sharing!


  2. Johanna Galyen, Christian Life Coach at Glowing Still

    Oh my! I can’t believe that comment on the first date; I wonder if a 2nd date happened or she dumped him before the check came 🙂 . Love the interesting look at travel and the adventures that come with it!!! ~ Johanna


  3. Bill,
    I love the beautiful distinct images and your commentary of conversations you overheard. Makes me feel as if I have taken this trip with you. Gave me a taste of a different town, a different place I have never seen before.


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