The bridge on the other side

Right before you turn left to go up the hill toward my house, there’s a spot where there’s a nice view between the tree branches of the Assabet River.

When I looked recently, I noticed there was a bridge on the other side.

What was it for? Where did it lead?

My wife went for a walk down by the train station near our house the other day, and when she came back, she told me about the trail that was almost done near the station.

I had some time to kill yesterday, and it was nice outside, so after the Yankees game — Gary Sanchez walk-off, baby! — I walked down to hill to find it.

There was a sign that the path was closed, but no one was around, and I saw other people walking, so I wandered down the trail.

It looked nice.


After a couple curves, I saw it. There was the bridge.

So that’s where it is, and that’s where it goes. I only walked a little more before I turned around and went home.

But I’ll be back. Maybe I’ll even pull my bike out.




2 thoughts on “The bridge on the other side

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