Rejoice! The icy grip has been lifted!

The cyclists were in ones and twos and lines of five or more.

They were in T-shirts and shorts, and bicycling suits with reflective stripes.

But they were out, and they were everywhere.


It wasn’t just people on their bikes who emerged today, like the daffodils along the Charles River in Cambridge, at the first real sign of spring today with sunny seasonal weather.

There was the newly married couple, her still in her veil, cavorting along the Charles  while getting their pictures taken as some people (I’m assuming guests) watched while others sat in the grass, seemingly oblivious.


There was a young woman walking across the pedestrian bridge over the Charles who told her companion something I will not repeat, but that was especially baffling with no context at all.


The nice weather meant people crowded in the small outside space of a little basement bar.


Even in a year where as recently as a few days ago, it seemed like winter might never end, there have been warmer days than today, and the forecast calls for temperatures to increase next week.

But as day turned into evening and the setting sun brought a slight chill to the air, it felt like the start of something.





3 thoughts on “Rejoice! The icy grip has been lifted!

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