Bill Engvall was a prophet

Ever since I saw the sign in a men’s room in Edinburgh, I’ve been wondering why people would stand on a toilet and what terrible thing happened that led to a sign specifically saying not to do it.

And then there’s a sign in the men’s room where I work.

Don’t worry. I haven’t been doing my business on the floor for the past three years.

If you’re of the school that someone must have done it if there’s a sign warning people not to do it, this Twitter string I saw this morning is for you.

There’s this one.

And this one.

Also this one.

Apparently, it’s not just bison people are giving weird stuff to.

Yeah, Bill Engvall had this nailed down years ago.


4 thoughts on “Bill Engvall was a prophet

  1. I think some folks stand on the toilet because they don’t wish to have any part of their bare skin touching the seat. Mind you, it’s difficult to maintain a crouching position when you are trying to do #2. Standing, I think, is a little easier. But that can lead to cracking the porcelain.


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