Dreaming of sweet airplane dreams

Ever since I first saw them while boarding a British Airways jet five years ago, I have wanted to someday fly in a seat that doubles as a bed.

Granted, they seemed kind of small for someone who’s 5’10” like I am, but trying to sleep in one of them seems a lot more comfortable than trying to do it in a seat.

So needless to say, I was very excited to see a story that Airbus is working on putting beds in the cargo holds of at least some of its planes.

I don’t know what airlines would end up offering the beds, what flights they’re on or how much, if anything, they’d cost, but I do know that if it’s feasible for any flight I’m on, I’m headed somewhere I can stretch out for my 40 winks.

Little things on a flight mean a lot.

I’m going to guess the feature, should it ever come to fruition, will not only carry some kind of cost, but be for longer flights, not a hour-or-so jaunts from Boston or Worcester to Philadelphia.

But even if I never sleep in a bed during a flight, I’m hoping it’s a step in airlines realizing that the race to the bottom isn’t the only way to do business both because Spirit Airlines is reportedly already spraying various liquids in Victory Lane and because it makes people hate flying.

Sure, the rest of the experience was a s—tshow, but I remember Porter Airlines serving my orange juice in glasses during our trip to Canada last year.

And while the food was OK, but not great, it was a revelation to get a hot meal on Aer Lingus when we went to England and Scotland in January.

The concept of a pleasant airline experience has become so degraded, airlines that take even small-to-moderate steps to treat passengers well will look like heroes.

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