Sara Bareilles is really good (Why did it take me so long?)

I don’t remember whether it was a baseball game, Twitter or a wrestling video on my iPad that had me only half-watching the start of “Jesus Christ Superstar” the other night, but every time I heard Sara Bareilles, it cut through the distraction.

At one point, I even said to my wife something along the lines of “They can just send everyone else home and let Sara Bareilles sing for the next two hours if they want to.”

I knew of her, knew that Jennifer Nettles is a big fan, which should have clued me in right away that I should do more than just “know of” her.

After reading an article yesterday about ways of finding new music, I remember I wanted to find out more of what she sang, so I searched for videos and …

… wait a minute. She’s the one who sings “Brave”? I know that one! That’s a good song!

Hold on … she also sings “Love Song”? I know that one, too. It’s also good.

OK, so I clearly knew more of Sara Bareilles than I thought I did. But I needed to find something I hadn’t already been aware of, even if I didn’t know it was her.

Hmmm … this one’s pretty solid.

Nice cover, especially for a song she said was “really f%$*ing hard.”


Long story short, last night I downloaded the entire “The Blessed Unrest” album, “Love Song,” “King of Anything,” “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” and “Everything’s Alright.”

And I am going to snag that performance with Sugarland, one way or another.


12 thoughts on “Sara Bareilles is really good (Why did it take me so long?)

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