Meet Big Orange

A function of growing up a fan of Syracuse University and attending a college founded by and formerly a part of SU (Utica College) is that the opportunity to acquire lots of orange gear.

And I’m not talking burnt orange — that would be the University of of Texas — I’m talking bright, screaming, ultra-concentrated-orange-juice-orange. Continue reading “Meet Big Orange”

New life for an old desk

Since the foot or more of snow meant I wasn’t going anywhere — please, someone tell me again why having four seasons is awesome when one of them is winter — I spent most of the day at my dining room desk.

Sitting in my office chair, my legs barely fit, and other than a pencil I pull out from time to time, 99.9 percent of the stuff in the drawers is probably useless. I might be able to dig out a rubber band, paper clip or tack, but you also may be able to get a floppy disk from the early ‘90s if you dig hard enough.

And unless it falls apart — and there’s no sign at all of that happening — you’ll never get it away from me. Continue reading “New life for an old desk”

Hall of Fame voters don’t have to repeat mistakes

Mariano Rivera showed up at today’s Yankees-Mets game, so the YES Network announcers discussed whether he should be voted into the Hall of Fame unanimously.

He probably should, but if he isn’t, it’ll be for the same reason no one else has yet … because no one else has yet. Continue reading “Hall of Fame voters don’t have to repeat mistakes”

Close to your heart, and far away

When Utica College went into lockdown Monday, Juli Peters sent her mom a text message telling her she loved her.

It seemed “random,” Claudine Peters said of her daughter’s text. But then a few minutes later, Claudine Peters received emails from other family members asking if she had heard about the threats made Monday morning at her daughter’s college.

“Then I love you made sense,” she said. “I immediately called her and she answered very quietly.” Continue reading “Close to your heart, and far away”

“Beauty” tips for regular people

You won’t look like Sharon Stone at 59.

Don’t take it from me, not when The New York Times says literally that. Of course, the teaser for the digital article starts with “But you can try,” which is sort of an odd way to put it — here is an unattainable goal, but hey, click on the link and learn how you can shoot your shot. Continue reading ““Beauty” tips for regular people”