All are welcome aboard

There’s a train station down the hill from my house. My wife used to take the train to work from there when she worked in Boston, and I’d pick her up at night, but now that she works closer to home, she drives.

It’s actually not much of a station, more of a platform for people to get on and off the train. There isn’t even a place to pick up soft drinks or coffee, which my wife thinks is a major revenue loss for the MBTA.

The facility is pretty new; up until a couple years ago, passengers just walked across the tracks after they got on or off the train. What’s there now is a big improvement.

But whether it’s a local train stop or a fancy international airport, I find travel hubs fascinating.

While passengers can certainly take trains, planes and buses to the same place for the same reason — there’s a reason why my wife once said “Follow the guys in the Jeter shirts” when we were trying to find our way from a train to Yankee Stadium — most of them are people with their own plans, their own stories, all together to get where they’re going.

And for the price of a ticket, anyone can ride.

3 thoughts on “All are welcome aboard

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