Time begins today

Let the games begin!

Today is the first of 162 games that will take us from spring trying desperately to make itself known (at least here in the Northeast) through the summer and deep into the fall.

At least in the standings, today’s games are no more important than the others, but we all know better. Because they’re the first games. (And, of course, the h/t on the title goes to Thomas Boswell’s fabulous book.)

Starting today, we have games to look forward to almost every day. The best teams will lose games in ways that make fans shake their heads, and the worst will win games that make you wonder “How did they do that?”

But between now and the beginning of October (and everyone hopes longer for their teams), there’s almost always another game tomorrow.

I know I’m going to at least one game this year, having recently bought tickets for a Yankees-A’s game in May. Taking a bus trip from Connecticut to Yankee Stadium is also possible, and we’re only 30 miles from Fenway Park.

Plus, if my wife’s and my perennial “almost vacation” to Chicago ever comes through, I’ll be on the lookout for Cubs tickets.

Lowell is fun and not too far for minor-league action, not to mention the terrific ballparks in Hartford and an hour away in Manchester, New Hampshire, where a certain 19-year-old son of a Hall-of-Famer will surely draw a lot of attention.

I should probably get there before he’s gone.

Before you keep going (and by all means, keep going), here are a few baseball things I’ve written lately:

— Just because there hasn’t been a unanimous Hall-of-Famer doesn’t mean there shouldn’t ever be one.

— Major League Baseball wants my opinions.

— Baseball has been part of my life as long as I can remember.

— I’m all about the guys on the field.

If Caleb Smith were still with the Yankees — I don’t even remember him pitching last year — he’d probably be in the minors, hoping for a call if they needed a starter or, more likely, hopping aboard the shuttle from Scranton for fresh arms in the bullpen.

Instead, he’s starting the second game of the year for the Marlins.

Everyone expects the Marlins to be wretched this year, in part because of that other bit of winter business they did with the Yankees. But even on the worst teams, players like Caleb Smith get to live out their dreams.

Play ball!

If you ever have a chance to get to AT&T Park in San Francisco, take it.

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