Extreme dishwashing

The time it must have taken to figure this out is probably more than I’ve ever spent on how to do anything.

(Of course, if you read his wife’s replies to the thread, she appears somewhat less than impressed.)





Due to our relative cooking ability (as in she has all of it), my wife does all the cooking and I take care of the dishes. As a kid, I hated having to load the dishwasher, but it’s not so bad now. I even have a routine of my own, although it’s based more on how the dishwasher is laid out.

First come the meat-and-potatoes dishes (although hopefully not meat and potatoes themselves): bowls, cups, dishes. Once they’re in, I figure out what fits around it, hoping I have just the right spaces for everything left in the sink. I rarely do, so there are usually a couple things left to wash by hand.

But the silverware? Other than making sure the sharp knives aren’t facing up, the only thing I make sure to do is put larger things like measuring cups in the basket that’s broken on the bottom, so nothing falls through.

For what little I know, I’m wasting time that could be used to read one of the great books.


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