That tweet did not mean what someone thought it meant

You never know what it’s going to be when the little bell with a blue number at the bottom of Twitter has in store.

It could be a new follower. It could be someone liking or retweeting what you wrote. It could be a comment on how brilliant you are, or how stupid you are.

However, I wasn’t expecting this when I was doing some late Twitter reading last night.


I grew up in farm country. My late grandfather was a farmer, and my grandmother still lives in their house. But I don’t generally comment on farming …

… oh yeah, this.

Bot see “tractor,” bot add to farming group.

Actually, calling Syracuse-Arizona State game a tractor pull is an insult to tractor pulls, After all, tractor pulls are staples of local fairs everywhere, and when they go well, they show off man’s capability of building engines that will pull heavy objects long distances.

And when they don’t go well …

After last night, I’m pretty sure the Orange got in the tournament due to getting extra credit for winning any games with an offense that consists of (at most) three people with actual skill and two who either fumble the ball or fling it randomly toward the nearest basket, other human being (same uniform not required) or the 22nd row.

Fortunately, I did not compare either team’s effort last night to … I don’t know … a monkey trying to copulate with a football.

Who knows what kind of lists that would have landed me on?

I’m not going to look, and neither should you, but we both know they’re out there.


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