Sometimes you see the midway, sometimes you see Parliament

As my wife and I walked out of lunch yesterday, we walked past a group having a conversation about the London Eye.

Someone referred to it as a “Ferris wheel,” and someone else called it a “big Ferris wheel.” Chuckling ensued.

They’re not exactly wrong, but I haven’t the foggiest notion if any of them had ever been on the London Eye — I didn’t ask.

I’ve never been on a Ferris wheel, although I could possibly be persuaded if I ever went to a fair. But I could imagine that the view at the top, especially at night, of the rides and the activity below would be pretty cool.

Of course, the Thames, Parliament and Big Ben don’t exactly suck.

The London Eye is so well-built, it doesn’t collapse under the weight of everyone rushing to one side of the pod to take this photo.

One thought on “Sometimes you see the midway, sometimes you see Parliament

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