Edinburgh Excursions: The other side of the bridge

During our entire time in Edinburgh, we’ve been in the Old Town, so we walked across the bridge today to the New Town.

What we saw looked like … a modern city with some older elements.

There was nothing wrong with it, and the Princes Street Gardens and Scott Monument were nice, but it didn’t have the charm of the Old Town. Sure, all the tartan and cashmere shops along the Royal Mile seem a bit much, but they’re part of the neighborhood, whereas Marks & Spencer or H&M could be anywhere.

We walked as far as the Scottish National Gallery, then went back across.

There’s a lot of history here.

This morning, we went to the National Museum of Scotland, which very comprehensively tells its history — from its earliest people, to the Stewart/Stuart monarchs, to sports, to war, to Scottish contributions to technology and Scotland today, noting that it can change as circumstances warrant.

All in all, it tells a story of a Scotland that has been through a lot over the years, but has also accomplished a lot and is in pretty good shape now.

Scotland, it has been fun

Every other vacation I can remember has ended the same way — starting to fret about halfway through that it will all be over soon, often followed by grumpiness when it actually is going to be over soon.

But after we came back from New Town, my wife and I took some time to relax before dinner, and a different feeling came over me.

It’s time.

We left Boston a week ago last Thursday night, which basically makes Thursday and Friday one very long day.

We’ve had a great time in London and Edinburgh, seeing the sights, viewing two fantastic shows and soaking in the atmosphere.

But even though we have a long travel day ahead of us tomorrow, and going back to work Monday won’t be any fun, it’s time to go home.


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