London Travels: Sun, glorious sun

My wife noticed it first as we were getting ready to leave the National Gallery yesterday.

She looked out a narrow window and saw the sun peeking over Trafalgar Square and the London Eye in the distance between buildings.

It had been spitting rain when we went in, but for the most part, the London sky had been like the slightly ornery, but mostly harmless relative at the family party — somewhat dark and foreboding, but with rare exceptions, not causing too many problems.

Given that it’s January in London, that, combined with temperatures that have even reached the low 50s, a grumpy-looking sky isn’t so bad.

Then the sun comes out, and that sometimes-crabby person becomes the life of the party.

Are you kidding me?

We didn’t have anything planned for today, but we saw the forecast for sun into the afternoon and decided to go to Regent’s Park.

It was a spectacular walk, and we were joined by runners, parents, children, grandchildren, dogs and a seeming promenade of birds.

It was the kind of sky where you put the crabiness aside and remember what you loved that relative in the first place.

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