London Travels: It’s Sunday, Jan. 28

Our trip to Hampton Court Palace meant taking a train outside of central London through the … outskirts? Suburbs? What are they called in England?

We went past neighborhoods of homes in close proxmity with small, fenced-in back yards, people playing football on miniature pitches, a busy playground. We shared a train with a seemingly very curious little girl, her helmet still on her head after riding on the scooter her mother was holding.

What was everyone up to today?

They were all not on my vacation — an expression popular on Cape Cod among locals who want to remind summer visitors that people actually live there.

Tomorrow, they head back to work and school (asumming they weren’t also working today), while our temporary respite from real life continues with a tour of Wembley Stadium.


5 thoughts on “London Travels: It’s Sunday, Jan. 28

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