London Travels: Shannon Airport —I’m not sure I can cope

One of my wife’s and my favorite travel stories involves Shannon Airport in Ireland.

Three years ago, we had a layover there going from Boston to London, and next to the bright, sparkling duty-free shop was a terminal that looked like it had last been touched in 1974.


We saw a dot-matrix printer — complete with the holes on the sides of the paper to hold it to the rollers.

We’re pretty sure the check-in process included a clipboard.

The men’s room had troughs.

Yes, troughs.

So when we had another layover again this morning, we weren’t sure what we would see, but I don’t think either of us expected the beautiful, modern terminal we saw.

There were even proper urinals!

It is not right how exciting we found this.

4 thoughts on “London Travels: Shannon Airport —I’m not sure I can cope

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