London Travels: It’s all in the messaging

Somehow, I don’t think King George was singing that his “sweet, submissive” and “loyal, royal” subjects would “be back” for the purposes of robust trade when he threatened to kill their friends and family to remind them of his love, but I’ll double-check when I see “Hamilton” Wednesday night.

Oh by the way, I’m seeing “Hamilton” Wednesday night.

But maybe the Victoria and Albert Museum is still having trouble coming to terms. After all, I once asked my English friend Mark if they taught the American Revolution in schools when he was growing up, and he said yes, and that it was basically that the Americans won because they didn’t fight fair.

I have no idea if the French told the British they’d “be back” in the European Union.

What term might you use to describe this, a little bit of shade-throwing, or the diplomatic version of a subtweet?


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