Liverpool’s glorious, unexpected win

I admit. I thought it was going to be a blowout.

After all, Manchester City beat Liverpool 5-0 last time out, and were a proper Pep Guardiola side — namely a collection of superstars that scores goals for fun.

Sure, Liverpool can score, but they don’t play defense. Plus Loris Karius was given the start in goal, and Virgil van Dijk wasn’t going to play in his first Premier League game since he was brought on to singlehandedly solve all their problems on the back line.

Yes, there’s something I can do at noon, but the first half ends around the time I’d have to leave. If it’s a blowout, I’ll go. If it’s a game, I’ll stay.

Great start! Of course, the problem with scoring in the ninth minute is that it leaves a lot of time for a comeback. This game isn’t going to end 1-0. After all, Liverpool is Liverpool, and Manchester City is Manchester City.

I started following Liverpool because I developed an interest in Fernando Torres, and Liverpool was the team he played for.

When I started following the Premier League, my buddy Gardner was a Manchester United fan, and Woody was a Chelsea supporter, and I wanted a team of my own.

Thanks to Torres, Liverpool it was.

Yup, Liverpool gonna Liverpool, especially the part where Karius gets beat at the near post. But still, it’s 1-1 at the half, and needless to say, I’m not going anywhere. Just hoping City doesn’t turn it on in the second half, because Manchester City is Manchester City, and Liverpool is Liverpool.

I would guess that nearly everyone at Anfield (and the bars in Liverpool) had a lot more history with Liverpool than I do.

After all, I’m an American, and I’ve only been following the team from a distance for about 10 years. I’ve taken a tour of Anfield, but will probably never get to a game.

So while I’m practically a dilettante compared to most Liverpool fans, the bad part of that is I haven’t really seen all that much that’s great. The team is years past the one Gardner said ruined his childhood, and the Miracle of Istanbul was even before my time.

And in the same way that Liverpool stopped being Liverpool, Torres stopped being Torres. Then Liverpool sold him to Chelsea.

There was the 2012 League Cup, won not on a glorious comeback over AC Milan, but by beating Championship team Cardiff on penalties after Anthony Gerrard (Steven’s cousin) missed his chance.

OK, I like this.

OK, I like this a lot.

Keeper’s out! Chip him! Chip him! 4-1! Holy crap! (Of course, now they have to hold it, since Manchester City is Manchester City, and Liverpool is Liverpool.)

Then 2014 happened. Sure, their defense wasn’t great, but they had Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling scoring calls all over the place. Gerrard (who is probably the best soccer player I share a birthday with) was playing great, and they were on the verge of winning the title.

Yeah, so much for that. But they’d be back, right?

Nope, Suarez went to Barcelona, Sturridge to the training table, Sterling to Manchester City (they weren’t saying “Raheem” today; they were booing) and Gerrard to Los Angeles.

Brendan Rodgers got sacked, but Jurgen Klopp was hired, and he’s a top manager, so he’d be the guy to lead Liverpool to glory, right?

Not quite. Not yet, anyway. In fact, as awesome as he seems, I’ve been so frustrated with the continued lack of defense and ways to break down smaller teams that pack in their defense that I’ve suggested maybe Liverpool needs a new manager.

I didn’t mean it, honest.

Bloody hell … this team never does make it easy, does it?

I’ve seen enough upsets, or upset bids, when the moment comes where everyone realizes this could actually happen.

And that’s when it gets dangerous. It’s much better to just be unconscious and not think.


Liverpool could get back to the Champions League this year, but they’re not going to win the Premier League this year. Manchester City is.

But Manchester City won’t go undefeated this year, and Liverpool is the reason why. And the excitement and emotion, even sitting across an ocean, is why we become sports fans.

(By the way, I’m all for Klopp dropping an f-bomb on national TV.)

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