Perfect placement for Christmas ‘pains’

There are certain Christmas songs that you notice when you hear them the first time each year — like when “The 12 Pains of Christmas” came on while I was driving to work this morning.

This is not a song you play in early December. This is a song you play six days before Christmas —  near the finish line of a season that started Thanksgiving Day/Dec. 1/two weeks before Halloween/last Christmas.

You save it for when people are starting to wonder if they need to buy one last present (or haven’t started yet), are buckling down on finally filling out the cards and are starting to check those extended forecasts to see if the travel weather is going to be bad.

Sure, the “pains” are First World problems — the poor, the sick and the lonely this Christmas would probably love if their biggest problem was facing the in-laws — but it’s a song for when the stress is really starting to build, to have a laugh and let a little air out.


One thought on “Perfect placement for Christmas ‘pains’

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