Syracuse … UConn … Madison Square Garden … enough said

Syracuse and UConn are playing at Madison Square Garden, so of course they were just talking on ESPN about their six-overtime epic in 2009.

I remember that I was going to go to bed after the second or third overtime, but stayed up, thinking, “I’ve come this far. I might as well stay until the end.”

At least Syracuse won.

Today, Syracuse still seems out of place in the ACC, but they’re better off than UConn, left in the American because there never seems to be a chair for them whenever one of the power conferences wants to expand.

But back then, in 2009, it was a Big East Tournament game, when there was nothing like the Big East Tournament. It’s the reason why “Syracuse against UConn in Madison Square Garden” still means something, even if the teams aren’t expected to be that good this year.

Man, those were the days.


One thought on “Syracuse … UConn … Madison Square Garden … enough said

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