Thanksgiving Day 1: Maybe staying home wasn’t such a bad idea

I have five days off for Thanksgiving.

Today was the first one.

I always take the day after Thanksgiving off because my wife and I are visiting our families in Connecticut and New York, but I also take off the day before because … well, because I can … but also in case we go to my in-laws in Connecticut on Wednesday.

But not only are we not meeting my wife’s parents until dinner tomorrow, my wife had to work today, meaning I was left to my own devices.

The weather was cruddy, and I didn’t feel much like going anywhere, anyway, so I … did laundry.

Lots of laundry.

Our trip to Nashville and visit to Connecticut last weekend threw off our laundry schedule, so the dirty clothes were stacked especially high.

Pretty boring stuff, I know, but then my friend Lisa took to Twitter. When we go to Connecticut, we go in the morning to avoid traffic, but after what I’m pretty sure was lamenting the lack of pizza in her office today, I’m guessing she had to work.

Although the closest Lisa and I come to living near each other is that she passes through the town where I went to school on the way to her hometown, as two Massachusetts residents who grew up in upstate New York, we act like we’re practically neighbors from “the motherland.”

For those not used to the Mass Pike, “the 84 split” is the exit for Route 84, which goes through Connecticut on the way to New York City (it’s the one we take when we go there). It’s prone to backups before the Pike opens up and the sailing to New York becomes much easier.

For Lisa’s sake, I hope that’s what happened.

Meanwhile, a boring day at the house didn’t seem so bad.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day 1: Maybe staying home wasn’t such a bad idea

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