The Waffle House menu isn’t big. Frog is not on it.

You mention that you go to a Waffle House for the first time in your life during your visit to Nashville, and your friend sends you this, saying she “thought of you.”

TALLAHASSEE — A couple practically leaped out of their seats during a visit to a local Waffle House after their ice water came with a stomach-churning surprise: a dead frog.

Claire Sheats reported the unwanted amphibious encounter Nov. 5 after visiting the Waffle House near U.S. Highway 90 east and Interstate 10.

“We were served a WHOLE FROG in our ice water at Waffle House today,” she said in the complaint. “The waitress brought our drink over and my husband sipped on it before noticing the frog floating in the glass. We brought it to the attention of the employees and manager, then promptly left the restaurant.”

OK, that’s gross — surely not indicative of the Waffle House we went to in Nashville (the sign in the picture above) or Waffle House in general — but still gross.


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