Nashville travels: Thanks for the past four days

You want to know what cool is? Cool is having these prints in your hotel room.

They’re made by a company called Anderson Design Group, and I want to go to their website and buy pretty much everything. I do have a feeling my wife and I will be acquiring at least a few of them.

The posters for the Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry are also pretty sweet. If I ever see Jennifer Nettles or Sugarland on one, it will be hanging in my house quickly.

The accidental fun activity on a last day has long been a theme of my vacations, but what if the whole vacation was that way?

Nashville was probably never a place my wife and I would have ever planned to go, but she had a work meeting and I had vacation time to use, so we decided I’d tag along and we’d go a few days early.

And we had a fantastic time. With only four days, we didn’t do quite as much as we might have been able to do in a week. There was more to the music scene than what we saw, museums missed and games not attended.

But we packed a lot into those four days. At one point — I believe before she heard a woman catching up with her group and apologizing for having to do “a twosie” — she said Nashville reminded her of another city, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

I basically told her that if she wasn’t thinking of New Orleans, she was doing it wrong. There was music (country, not jazz, obviously) and a little bit of the good shadiness, but most-importantly, everyone seemed to be having fun.

We certainly did.

In case you missed any of it, here’s what I wrote about during our time in Nashville:

— Making a new friend based on our shared disdain for the Grand Ole Opry being behind a mall.

— My first visit to a Waffle House, and how it was at least a little bit like going to a neighborhood diner.

— The intellectual honesty required to address the good and bad of someone like Andrew Jackson.

— Ryman Auditorium being about so much more than country music.

— The scope of history presented at Centennial Park.

— Searching for the unlocked doors that would get me into the athletic facilities at Vanderbilt.

5 thoughts on “Nashville travels: Thanks for the past four days

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