This year had the chance to be the Yankees’ year

But here we are, so I’m going to share them.

I shouldn’t be this upset about the Yankees losing — and by “this upset,” I mean “looking for something to throw” — but the simple fact of the matter is that they were one win away from the World Series, with two games to do it, and didn’t get it done.

Yes, I know they’re supposedly “a year away.” But let me say it again … they were one game from going to the World Series this year, with two chances to get it.Now, by all logic, John Smoltz should be right. Their best players are young. There’s young talent on the way. They have lots of money.

If everything goes according to hope, we Yankee fans will think of the Houston series in a few years as the one they had to lose in order to learn how to win.

However, now they have to start with spring training in February, play 162 games well enough to make the playoffs, win at least a playoff series (assuming they’re not in the wild-card game again) and then win three more games … just to get to the place they’ve been the past two nights.

Maybe these Yankees are a year away, but it’s going to be at least another year to have the same opportunity they just lost.

One thought on “This year had the chance to be the Yankees’ year

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