Lines?! We don’t need your stinkin’ lines!

A funny thing happened this week at the office building where I work.

Well, at least I think it’s funny.

The parking lot that goes around our building was being repaved, forcing us to park either across the street or behind the next building. I was about five seconds from reporting my car towed or stolen one day until I saw it one lot over from where I was wandering around looking for it. Oops.

Then we got a memo a couple days ago that, because of the weather, the full work wouldn’t be finished in time, but the lot was repaved, so we could park there the rest of the week … without lines.

The property manager must have been worried at least a little about anarchy in the parking lot, since the memo including a line about being courteous or something like that.

So we’ve had the parking lot back for the past two days, and people have kept proper spaces between cars, not parking too close or far away; and pulled in far enough to either allow another car to park behind or not block the driving lane.

In other words, people parked like there were lines in the lot … even though there were no lines in the lot.

I don’t know if this shows we’re all very considerate people, or if we’re sheep.

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