Boston vs. Connecticut (but actually funny!)

I once got into an argument with a guy who claimed that Connecticut (my wife’s home state) shouldn’t represent New England in the Little League World Series because parts of the state are in the New York media market.

So yeah, this one from McSweeney’s is particularly brilliant, and this is just one of the reasons it hit home for us.

— I’m in Gallery 242, and this kid comes over, says, “Are these are the only Rembrandts?”

— And this kid is from where?

— From a state that wants so hard to be part of New England but is actually just part of New York, and it knows it, and so it’s got all this twisted anti-Boston resentment.

— Friend of mine up in Lowell deals cards down in Connecticut. Says it’s awful.

— What it is is anti-Boston.

(They nod, drink.)


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