The woman on the game is not your mother (unless she literally is)



“Like listening to my ex nag me.”

“Sounds like my mom yelling at me.”

Women in sports broadcasting are used to men criticizing their voices. In my three years in sports radio, I’ve had more men complain about my voice than everything else about me combined — and trust me, there are a lot of other things they don’t like about me.

— Julie DiCaro, “Safest Bet in Sports: Men Complaining About a Female Announcer’s Voice,” The New York Times

How exactly does a sports announcer sound like he or she is “nagging”? In what way is it possible for a well-executed blitz to sound like yet another reminder to take out the trash?

And since Gus Johnson doesn’t make me think of my mother when he screams about … well, everything …  the only way one could remind me of her is if I noticed she’s particularly short. (My mother is less than 5 feet tall.)

So guys, if Beth Mowins, or Julie DiCaro, or Jessica Mendoza, or Doris Burke, or … any other woman who talks while the game is on reminds you of your mother, don’t blame her.

Work it out with Mom, instead.


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