I have dozens of T-shirts. They don’t cost $1,795 total.

Jon Hamm’s a good actor, seems like a OK dude and has the kind of good looks that guys can’t even get mad at if the women in their lives swoon over him.

So I read his New York Times interview with interest, but had trouble getting past the pictures — mostly because he was wearing a $1,795 Armani T-shirt.

What, pray tell, makes a T-shirt $1,795?

So maybe it’s “only” $1,495, but it looks like the kind of shirt Hamm was wearing. It doesn’t take long to see the magic word — “cashmere.”

I’m sorry. I don’t care if it’s a short-sleeve crewneck; a shirt that’s 100 percent cashmere is not a “T-shirt.”

These … these are T-shirts.

They’re what you wear casually around the neighborhood, to the gym or to sleep during the summer.

And yes, sometimes they’re wrinkled.

The only way you’d wear one of these with fancy clothes unless you’re trying to say, “Look how edgy I am … wearing a T-shirt with this expensive outfit.”


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